SR22: Your Key to Getting Back On the Road

The State of Texas requires drivers who have had their license suspended to obtain SR22 coverage before they're allowed to get back behind the wheel.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

Texas SR22 coverage is different from standard auto insurance. Though it's offered by auto insurance companies, SR22 insurance is special. When an auto insurance company sells an SR22 policy, they are bound by state law to notify the State of Texas when the insurance policy lapses. It's important for you, as the insured, to not allow your insurance coverage to go unpaid when you have a Texas SR22 policy. In the event of a coverage lapse, the state may assess penalties and fines upon you.

The easiest way to obtain a Texas SR22 policy is to contact your current insurance company and request SR22 coverage for your current auto insurance policies. However, before you pick up the phone and call, you should know that Texas state law allows you to purchase a supplemental SR22 policy instead. You may be asking yourself: why would I purchase SR22 coverage from a separate insurance company? The answer is simple: cost savings.

If you are like most people, you probably rely on a single insurance company to insure all of your belongings. It's simpler that way. The house. The car. The boat. You probably receive a considerable discount for 'bundling' your valuables through the same company. It's not only simpler -- it's smarter!

If you request SR22 coverage be added to your current auto insurance policies, you may run the risk of a rate increase. Insurance companies see SR22 coverage as a high-risk factor in the calculation of insurance premiums. Unfortunately, this risk factor can trickle down into all the insurance products you carry with a single insurance company.

Alternative SR22 Options

As you read before, the State of Texas allows drivers to purchase multiple policies to fulfill their insurance obligations. SR22 insurance coverage is no different. You can purchase an SR22 insurance policy through a third-party insurance provider and possibly save yourself from an almost guaranteed rate increase with your current insurance company. Of course, all insurance companies are different and your are not excluded from a rate increase by purchasing SR22 coverage through another auto insurance company. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

The best advice in this situation is to know your options. Insurance can be a complex beast and it's important to learn about SR22 insurance to protect your hard-earned cash.

You can learn more about SR22 insurance using our website and you can even get a Texas SR22 quote through Spartan Insurance. The quote's free and, more importantly, Spartan has SR22 experts standing by to chat with you regarding any questions you may have about Texas SR22 insurance.